Please note that Students are expected to wear appropriate and standard attire for all classes. The dress

code at En Pointe Dance & Acrobatics will be strictly enforced. Most items can be purchased in our studio location. Please follow the dress code provided below for each class.

  • Fitted clothing is recommended for jazz, contortion, conditioning, contemporary, lyrical, acro and technique classes. This includes leotards, sports bras, crop tops, tank tops, leggings, and shorts.

  • Clothing should be mostly solid colors.

  • Dancers should have their hair pulled back out of their face (ponytail or bun).

  • Pink tights, leotards, pink ballet shoes, and a bun are required for Ballet classes.

  • Black Tap shoes are required for tap classes.

  • Sneakers are required for hip - hop classes.

  • Mommy & Me: See Ballet requirements

  • Dynamic Movement & Play - Comfortable clothes and either barefoot or sneakers only used in the studio

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Sisters Julia and Charlotte twinning at
Our first day of dance was a success!! W
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Our minis absolutely LOVED _callichafin
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