Please note that Students are expected to wear appropriate and standard attire for all classes. The dress
code at En Pointe Dance & Acrobatics will be strictly enforced. Most items can be purchased in our studio location. Please follow the dress code provided below for each class.
Our dress code is important for instructors to be able to see students' alignment to ensure they are moving properly and to prevent injury.

  • Fitted clothing is recommended for jazz, contortion, conditioning, contemporary, lyrical, acro and technique classes. This includes leotards, sports bras, crop tops, tank tops, leggings, and shorts.

  • Clothing should be mostly solid colors.

  • Dancers should have their hair pulled back out of their face (ponytail or bun).

  • Pink tights, leotards, pink ballet shoes, and a bun are required for Ballet classes.

  • Black Tap shoes are required for tap classes.

  • Hip Hop: Sneakers used solely in the studio, comfortable clothing

  • Mommy & Me: See Ballet requirements

  • Conditioning: Sneakers used solely in the studio, athletic wear

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Sisters Julia and Charlotte twinning at
Our first day of dance was a success!! W
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Our minis absolutely LOVED _callichafin
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