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Don't take it from us... take it from the parents, staff, and students of En Pointe Dance and Acrobatics!

"The instructors are absolutely amazing and have pushed me to improve past anything I could’ve ever imagined being able to do in such a short amount of time. The students I call my teammates are more like family to me, and are so kind and welcoming to anyone who is new to join the company."

"By far the most talented, competitive and heart-warming studio you will find. The amazing choreographers and staff provide top-notch results all year round. Joining this studio not only increase your dance skills but also welcome you into a family that will forever keep a smile on your face."

"Finally! An innovative dance studio with structure, acrobatics, technique training and dance education in Monmouth County. Owner and Instructor Kerri Ann Lepis is experienced, talented and amazing with the students. If you’re looking for a long-term studio for your child... this is it!"

"En Pointe Dance and Acrobatics is not just a dance studio but a family, I love the teachers and the girls like sisters and moms. If your thinking of going here go because it is a wonderful experience of dance and friendship! You will absolutely love it!"

"The love they have for the kids is truly inspirational. It’s not easy having a boy who loves to dance but the teachers and the other dancers definitely make him part of a fabulous team!! Great school for boys and girls!!!"

"Having two daughters who dance is both a blessing and a challenge. Thankfully, we have found a studio in which the staff loves our girls like their own. They are caring, nurturing, accommodating, and with regard to dance, amazingly talented and professional. Their dedication to our girls goes above and beyond. We are so lucky to be part of the EPDA family."

"My daughter has been to a few studios before calling En Pointe Dance & Acrobatics her home. She has progressed so much since coming here. The teachers are amazing - they care for every one of their students. I couldn’t have picked a better place for my daughter."

"I am truly blessed to be apart of this amazing dance studio and family. I have learned not only to be a good dancer but how to be apart of a team at En Pointe Dance & Acrobatics. I could ask for a better environment to grow as a dance and a person."

"We had out first Acro & Jazz Classes today, and my girls absolutely loved them. They were so excited & eager to learn. The studio has many rooms, including lockers, a beautiful waiting & reception area, and is close to many shopping centers & restaurants (quick lunch, shopping). Wonderful experience with Miss Kerri."

"Everyone has a special bond with each other here, including students and teachers! I’ve created friendships that will last for a lifetime! I’m always improving when I’m at EPDA, and especially in this new beautiful studio! I’m so proud to say that I’m a dancer at En Pointe

Dance & Acrobatics."

"This studio is my home and our team is my family. Within a year, the teachers really pushed me and I improved so much! I can thank the teachers and the girls for the dancer I am today."

"En Pointe Dance & Acrobatics is definitely the BEST in dance education. The instructors push my girls to be the best they can be. My 11 year old competes, while my 12 year old only dances recreational classes this year. I love how they push them both to be the best they can be by expanding their comfort zone. The performance company is more like a family than a team. And this starts with the way the teachers treat them and trickles down. I highly recommend EPDA."

"En Pointe Dance and Acrobatics is more like a family then a regular dance studio! The teachers, the students and the parents are amazing! My daughters absolutely love it here! They wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! They have both grown into amazing dancers! Love being part of this amazing place! It’s sooo much more than dance!"

"Starting my dance career later than most at the age of 14, I was definitely worried about how I'd ever be able to catch up to the level other dancers were at at my age. However, I can easily say, going into my senior year, that in 5 years of training with En Pointe Dance and Acrobatics I have learned a lifetime of lessons on hard work, dedication, commitment, teamwork, and more. I'm forever grateful for the family of people here at this studio."

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