Tour Our Studio

Our studio is equipped with different rooms that accommodate our students, staff, and the numerous classes. The facility has two main dance room where all of our dancers practice and learn. The locker room is where the dancers store their personal equipment and belongings. Lastly the studio lobby contains the homework station, waiting area, front desk, and store. 


Studio A is the larger of the two rooms we have in our facility. This area is used daily to accommodate to our competition rehearsals as well as our multiple recreational classes.


Studio B is where we store equipment for classes such as acro, ballet, and conditioning. This room also contains two full walls of mirrors to help our dancers thrive.


The locker room is where our dancers place their belongings while they are attending classes. In the locker room we also installed a kitchen area where students can make and store their food.


The homework station is where dancers can complete their homework, study, and eat when they are on breaks.


The studio's waiting area is where parents and dancers wait for a class to begin or end.


The front desk area contains information about class times and schedules. 


Our studio's store is where you can find shoes, tights, and other dance accessories. The store is also always being updated with new merchandise.