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Styles Offered

At En Pointe Dance and Acrobatics, we offer numerous styles in multiple variations to further expand the knowledge of our students. No matter your age or experience, there's bound to be something here for you! We believe ALL STYLES of dance are equally important, and that it's beneficial to be a well-rounded dancer in order to prepare for auditions, jobs, and future opportunities. 


Get moving with our incredible acrobatics program! Learn

how to tumble, balance, and condition your body to become a strong and powerful dancer! We offer multiple acrobatics classes a week in the Tiny, Beginner, Mini, Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. 



Go Back to basics with these timeless styles. We offer Ballet Classes at our studio multiple days a week, for all ages and ability levels. Pointe Classes are offered twice a week and is taught by our amazing Ballet Instructors. Please note that Pointe is by invitation only.



Learn to let go and feel the music in our wonderful Contemporary Classes. Students will train and advance their technique

while learning how to incorporate their emotions

into their movement.



Push yourself past your limits in our Conditioning Classes. Dancers will learn how to properly use their muscles through many different exercises. These classes help improve your stamina and keeping your body in shape.



Discover ways to bend and contort your body into positions that will amaze all who see! In these Cirque du Soleil inspired classes you will learn how to stretch with thera bands, foam blocks, and yoga mats


Dance Team

Within these classes our students learn the basics of how a dance team is run. Through these preparation classes our students become well prepared in entering a professional dance team environment.



Discover fluidity and grace in as you express yourself in our amazing Lyrical Classes. Within these classes our students work on their connection of movement and emotion. Our Lyrical Classes are offered for all ages and levels.



Learn how to kick, leap, and turn in these upbeat classes. In our Jazz Classes, student work on improving their technique while learning and preforming the many different styles of jazz.


Hip Hop

Move to the beat of the music in our fun Hip Hop Classes. Practice moves such as kip-ups and headsprings while learning the basics of hip hop. Our amazing Hip Hop Instructor teaches many different classes a week for every level and age.



In our Technique Classes our students learn how to properly engage and control their bodies during skills such as leaps, turns, and jumps. Technique Classes are held everyday and offered to all levels and ages.



Study the perfection of making the sharpest and quickest sound using just your feet! Tap is offered once a week at our studio for Tinys, Minis, and Juniors.

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